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We are proudly the best boat charter in Komodo, certified by TripAdvisor. Experienced for 7 years, our team are skilled individuals who are passionate to create a unique and best journey with extraordinary hospitality. Our mission is to make your trip become memorable and be one of the best trips of your life.

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Discover the breathtaking beauty of Labuan Bajo and its surrounding islands on this all-inclusive cruise. Our local experts are dedicated to creating exemplary itineraries that highlight luxury at its best. Join our tour and explore Labuan Bajo’s best destinations for your holiday.

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VVIP Boat offer you to get Great Facility and Service for your Holiday or Honeymoon


VIP Boat is Boat with Luxury Facility and Service

Deluxe houseboat is build with all the modern amenities and services

Perfect choice for you who don’t have much time travelling, sail faster on speedboat.

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Catch a glimpse of the wide collection of exotic ancient land of Komodo National Park or Dive into The Last Underwater Paradise in Raja Ampat.  Our ingenious lands keeps many surprises waiting to explore. Witness the largest and most powerful lizard on Earth in Komodo Island, or feel the sensation of swimming with Giant Manta in Manta Point,  hike up to witness the majestic view of our wonderful island surrounded with crystal clear turquoise sea in Piyanemo. and many other beautiful destination.

Labuan Bajo

Raja Ampat

Discover the True Beauty of Labuan Bajo

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Chartering a private boat is the best solution to explore and create the best of the best holiday experience in this archipelago area. Through our service, our local expert will make your holiday a luxury experience as defined by you. surrounded with crystal clear turquoise sea in Padar.

We are waiting for you. 

Snorkeling & Diving

Diving Spot In Labuan Bajo

-Manta Point
-Taka Makassar
-Batu Bolong
-Kanawa Island
-Tatawa Besar


Trekking Spot In Labuan Bajo

-Padar Island
-Pulau Kelor
-Sylvia Hill


Good Sailing Spot In Labuan Bajo

- Kelor island
- Manjarite Island
- Kalong Island
Padar Island
- Pink Beach
- Komodo Island
- Taka Makassar
Siaba Island
- Kanawa Island
- Seraya Island
- Sabolo Island


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Raja ampat

the last paradise on earth

Labuan Bajo

Sailing To The Ancient land of Komodo