Misool Island: Explore Raja Ampat’s Secret Jewel

Dafalen Hills, Misool, Raja Ampat - KomodoLuxury

Raja Ampat Archipelago in Southwest Papua consists of 4 main islands: Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, and Batanta Island. Each island has its own charm and uniqueness, one of which is Misool Island. What is the uniqueness, and why is Misool one of the must-visit islands if you visit Raja Ampat? 

Where is Misool?

Misool, Raja Ampat Map - Komodo Luxury
Misool, Raja Ampat Map – Komodo Luxury

Misool comes from the Ma’ya word meaning ‘pelabuhan’ or ‘dermaga’ or ‘port’ in English. This refers to when the first king came from Waigeo. The island is inhabited by the indigenous Matbat tribe, who call Misool island Batan Me, which means ‘tanah merah’ or red land.

Misool Island is one of the main islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, Southwest Papua. Located off the west coast of the main island of Papua and directly adjacent to the Seram Sea, the island’s waters are a traffic route for many large marine creatures, including whales. The island is part of the world’s coral triangle, which makes it famous for its underwater diversity. 

The mainland of Misool consists of hills, dense forests, and mangrove swamps. On the east and west sides of the island are limestone rocks that jut out into the blue sea. Not only that, the island is also home to ancient cultural sites. Numerous petroglyphs can be found on cave walls throughout the island that average around 5,000 years old. 

Must visit Destination in Misool

Misool Destinations Map - KomodoLuxury
Misool Destinations Map – KomodoLuxury

Misool is one of the main islands in Raja Ampat that offers natural scenery and underwater beauty. If you are a nature enthusiast, Misool offers many beautiful destinations, ranging from clear beaches to beautiful scenery. Here are the best tourist spots that you can explore.

Love Lagoon Karawapop

Love Lagoon Karawapop Misool, Raja Ampat - KomodoLuxury
Love Lagoon Karawapop Misool, Raja Ampat – KomodoLuxury

The first must-visit destination on Misool Island is Karawapop Lake, located in the Karawapop Geosite area. This lake is also known as Love Lagoon because the shape of the lake resembles a heart or love. To enjoy the view of the heart-shaped lake, you must climb to the top of the hill. The climb takes approximately 30 minutes. In addition, you can also swim or kayak in this lake.


Lenmakana Jellyfish Lake 

One of the unique spots in Misool is Lenmakana Jellyfish Lake, hidden behind a towering cliff. The lake is home to many stingless jellyfish. According to Kompas.com, the lake has been isolated for thousands of years, so there are no predators to prey on jellyfish. So, the jellyfish evolved and lost the sting that is usually used for self-defense. 

To get to the lake, you have to trek with a slightly extreme track because it goes through steep cliffs. However, the journey will be worth it because you can swim with stingless jellyfish. With its uniqueness, Lenmakana Jellyfish Lake is one of the must-visit spots on Misool Island.


Dafalen Hill

Dafalen Hills, Misool, Raja Ampat - KomodoLuxury
Dafalen Hills, Misool, Raja Ampat – KomodoLuxury

Besides Karawapop’s Love Lagoon, Misool has a heart-shaped lake that can be seen from the top of Dafalen Peak. From the top of Dafalen Peak, you will be presented with a view of the love-shaped lake and beautiful scenery, and you can enjoy the neatly arranged karst clusters as far as the eye can see. Dafalen Peak is one of the perfect places to enjoy a stunning sunset as the sun begins to set. 


Keramat Cave

Keramat Cave, Misool, Raja Ampat - KomodoLuxury
Keramat Cave, Misool, Raja Ampat – KomodoLuxury

Moving away from the lake of love, Misool offers a cultural and religious tourist destination, Keramat Cave. The locals call it ‘Goa Keramat,’ which means the sacred cave of Misool. This cave is formed of stalactites and stalagmites with rock formations that have been formed for thousands of years. Besides exploring the cave, you can also go swimming or kayaking in the clear blue water. 



Yapap, Misool, Raja Ampat - KomodoLuxury
Yapap, Misool, Raja Ampat – KomodoLuxury

Another unique destination in Misool is Yapap. This place is perfect for those of you who are nature enthusiasts. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful view of the towering karst rocks, Yapap also has beautiful tosca green shallow water. You can swim in the beautiful sea water, and see a variety of colourful small clams, shrimps and other small fish. At low tide, you can take a walk around the lagoon to see the beautiful karst rocks and white sand. 


Laguna Balbulol

Laguna Balbulol Misool, Raja Ampat - KomodoLuxury
Laguna Balbulol Misool, Raja Ampat – KomodoLuxury

If you love beautiful panoramic views, you must visit Balbulol Lagoon. This spot offers a beautiful view of a row of karst cliffs that resemble a Christmas tree. These karst cliffs surround a pinnacle that sticks out to the surface. The combination of towering cliffs with turquoise green water and white sand here is wonderful. You can go snorkeling, kayaking, or just relaxing to enjoy the unbeatable beauty of Balbulol Lagoon. 

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How to Get to Misool Raja Ampat

Being in the remote Raja Ampat archipelago, getting to Misool is quite a long journey, but it will be well worth it. Your journey begins by taking a flight to the nearest airport to Raja Ampat, Domine Eduard Osok Airport in the city of Sorong.  

Once you arrive at the airport, you need to continue your journey from Sorong to Waisai City, the capital of Raja Ampat. This journey can only be traveled by boat from Sorong Port. Arriving in Sorong, the journey still continues. You can take a speedboat from Waisai Port to reach Misool Island. However, please note that the availability of speedboats in Waisai is still small, so you need to book well in advance. With such a long distance, the cost is also quite expensive.

Therefore, you can consider joining a Raja Ampat Liveaboard for the effectiveness and convenience of your trip. Raja Ampat tour packages will not only take you to Misool but also to other beautiful destinations in Raja Ampat. Make sure to choose a Raja Ampat tour package from a trusted tour operator such as Komodo Luxury.

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