Supraba Phinisi

USD 4,286 /night

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12 Guests

6 Cabins

7-8 Knot

Supraba Phinisi Pricing & Trip Information

Supraba Phinisi's Cabins

1 Cabin

Wisnu Cabin (Master Cabin)

1 Cabin

Bima Cabin (Master cabin)

1 Cabin

Arjuna Cabin (Guests cabin)

1 Cabin

Sadewa Cabin (Guests cabin)

1 Cabin

Yudhistira Cabin (Guests Cabin)

1 Cabin

Nakula Cabin (Guests Cabin)


The facilities that are provided are Dining Area, Kitchen, Toilet, Sundeck with the bean bags, and Snorkeling Gears, Scuba Diving is available upon request and it includes full gear rental and one Dive Master for each group of four divers, three dives per day according to the cruise itinerary, Beach picnic. SuprabA retains her character of a sturdy classic and adventurous seaworthy wooden ship for enjoying the pleasure of navigation, rather than a floating luxury hotel.


SuprabA is the Luxury Phinisi that has a medium size “Lambo” that was built in 2020 for open sea cruises and diving by skilled craftsmen in Tanah Baru, South Sulawesi with traditional methods and materials. The design of SuprabA merges south Sulawesi boat building tradition with western classic sailing yachts. SuprabA has 33.72M in length, and 6.02M in Width.

Boat Specification

Technical Spesification

  • Radar ICOM MR1010RII
  • GPS chartplotter / echosounder
  • Garmin Aquamap 1052XS
  • Marine Transceiver
  • (SSB) ICOM IC-M710
  • VHF Marine Radio ICOM
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Echosounder


Discover the True Paradise


If you want an amazing holiday experience in this archipelago area, chartering a private boat is the way to go! With our service, our local expert will make sure you have the best possible holiday.

Supraba Phinisi sails around the area of Labuan Bajo.

We are waiting for you.

Labuan Bajo

The Ancient Land of Komodo
Located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Labuan Bajo has unique treasures that you should discover. Equipped with an exotic panorama, glamorous nature attractions, and diverse biodiversity is the perfect getaway for your new trip to Indonesia.
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Labuan Bajo

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