Best Time to Visit Labuan Bajo Komodo Island for Holiday

best time to visit labuan bajo komodo

Before visiting a tourist destination, you have to know about the right time to see the attractions. In this article, we’ll explain you the best time to visit Labuan Bajo Komodo.

Visiting the same destination but at a different time may give you different experiences. So, make sure that you go to Labuan Bajo at the right time.

Are you interested in seeing Komodo? Or you just want to sunbathe on a natural beach? Just find the answer below because it also relates to Labuan Bajo climate.

Guidelines of the Best Time to Visit Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a year-round tourist destination. It means, you may go there as you want.

But it depends on what you search and want to see or enjoy. Just scroll down & continue reading for the full guidelines!

1. December to February – Watching the Festivals of Local Cultures

Reba Festival
Reba Festival (source: Kompasiana)

Even though Labuan Bajo is popular for its natural attractions, it also offers interesting cultures.

It’s a good idea to visit this place between December to February to know closely about their local people by watching dance performances by local people.

One of the best cultural festival is the Reba Festival that held by Langa People in Ngada Regency. Ngada Regency is not in Labuan Bajo, it is about 10 hours of overland trip from the city of Labuan Bajo.

For your information, Reba Festival is a celebration of thanksgiving to praise the ancestors and God.

Reba festival will be held start from December until February. The peak will be on the middle of January.

2. March to August – Enjoying the Amazing Scenery of the Nature

Padar Island Komodo
Nice weather in Padar Island Komodo
Padar Island Komodo
Trekking in Padar Island Komodo

Still, the natural view is the main attraction of Labuan Bajo. Considering the climate and weather, March to August can be the most recommended time to visit.

Usually, the weather is sunny during March to August. It means, these months allow you to see and enjoy stunning scenery such as beaches, hills, etc. clearly.

The endless green hills belong to the best natural sceneries to see in Labuan Bajo in March to August. Besides that, you will be able to see the blue sea and clear skies that look amazing.

In these months, the weather is bright and sunny, which makes it easy to capture the pictures you desire.

You can book a Sailing Tour Packages in Komodo Island from us—KomodoLuxury, to explore the beautiful sea freely.

So now, you can plan your next holiday destinations in Labuan Bajo in March to August.

Sailing Tour Komodo with Malca Voyages
Sailing Tour Komodo with Malca Voyages


3. May to August – Seeing the Mating Season of Komodo

Indeed, everyone wants to see the mating season of Komodo Dragon. If you’re curious about it, you must know that it happens between May and August.

After that, female Komodo dragons lay their eggs after their mating season in September.

During this best time to visit Labuan Bajo, you will be able to see & meet them in Indonesia only. So, make sure that you witness this mating season at least once in your life.

However, although you are allowed to see Komodo roaming, it doesn’t mean that you can meet them too closely.

For safety reason, you still need to keep your distance from Komodo. Of course, there’s an expert guide called Komodo Ranger who is always ready to guide your tour.

Seeing the Mating Season of Komodo
Seeing the Mating Season of Komodo

4. October to December – Exploring the World of Underwater

October & November also belong to the best time to visit Komodo Island or Labuan Bajo. In fact, the weather allows you to explore the underwater world in Labuan Bajo.

In October & November, the water of the sea is really calm. Therefore, diving & snorkeling are safe.

In relation to the scenery of the underwater, Labuan Bajo offers wonderful coral reef as well as marine life that is very colorful.

To capture the moment, make sure that you bring a waterproof camera. In December, the rain usually happens more often there. So, you should check the forecast of the weather before diving or snorkeling.

Tips to Visit Labuan Bajo

If you are interested in Labuan Bajo adventure, here are some useful tips to consider:

1. Book the Trip or Sailing Tour

It’s better to book the trip before booking flights. So, you can find the best trip at the best price.

The most recommended trip is an Open Trip 3D2N Sailing Tour Package that will always starts on Friday – Sunday. Best is to book a flight to Komodo Airport (LBJ) on Thursday to spare a time to relax or to prevent any flight delay possibility.

So you will not miss your trip.

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2. Know the Best Time to Visit Labuan Bajo

Then, planning is very important to give you the best opportunity to meet Komodo dragons at their best.

What we need to remember is that the weather conditions in Labuan Bajo cannot be guaranteed. The conditions are subject to the forces of nature, which means we must be flexible and adapt to any changes.

3. Don’t Worry That You Are a Beginner

Despite the strong currents, it’s not just skilled snorkelers and divers who can relish in the beauty of Komodo. Anyone can safely enjoy the wonders of Komodo.

4. Ask Advice to the Tour Operator

Just inform the operator that you are an inexperienced diver. And, ask the operator to give you advice when you should visit because the currents highly depend on tides.

5. Choose the Tour Operator & Check the Reviews

Moreover, carefully select the operator and don’t forget to check the reviews.

You also need to ask about the boat, equipment, etc.

Many people have been scammed by fake tour operators who sell trip packages in Labuan Bajo.

6. Be a Good Traveler

One more thing, you must be a good traveler that is responsible. For example, limit the use of plastic or help to protect the marine ecosystem.


Okay, we’ve summarized the best time to visit Labuan Bajo including the tips. With that guideline, we hope that you can make the right decision.

Labuan Bajo is one of the most interesting destinations for spending a holiday. There you will find Padar Island, Pink Beach, Komodo Island, Manta Point, and more!

To ensure that you get the best experience in your holiday, you cannot be wrong to plan when to visit it.

Well, that’s the best time to visit Labuan Bajo. Now, you can make a plan for your next trip in Labuan Bajo.

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