Pink Beach Komodo Island: Rare and Unique Experience in Indonesia

Pink Beach Komodo Island

One of the must visit beach in Indonesia is Pink Beach. The famous one is in Komodo Island.

Pink beach Komodo Island is very popular because of its pink sand color as well as turquoise sea water. Luckily, this stunning beach is easy to access.

You can easily visit it from Labuan Bajo, Flores. Actually, it is not only Komodo Beach that belong to pink beach.

The National Park of Komodo offers some pink beaches you can explore. In Lombok, there’s also a pink beach.

Pink beaches are not very common, which makes it hard to find a beach with pink sand anywhere in the world.

The Location of the Pink Beach

You can find pink beach Labuan Bajo on Padar Island and Komodo Island. For your information, these belong to islands located in the East Indonesia.

Labuan Bajo is the closest city. This fishing town has an airport as well as many hotels & restaurants.

But Why Is It Pink?

Straightforward, Foraminifera on coral reefs produce red pigment, which causes pink-colored sand. Adding calcium carbonate shells to white sand makes Pink Beach pink! This kind of beach is very rare around the world.

In details, as with any beach, Pink Beach is filled with millions upon millions of tiny sand particles. It is composed of broken rocks and/or coral that is washed up on shore.

If you are familiar with parrotfish eating corals, and then pooping it out, you have seen the process of sand creation in action!

But what exactly makes the sand here red?

Foraminifera on Pink Beach
Foraminifera on Pink Beach

There are a couple of different things that make it so. A red coloured microscopic animal called Foraminifera is present in the surrounding water, these tiny animals boast a shell made of calcium carbonate, and when they wash up on shore, they make up a portion of sand.

Many of these Foraminifera can be red or pink in colour.

What Can You Expect?

The Pink Sand

The shade of pink you may have seen in pictures of Pink Beach on Google might be overly exaggerated. In reality, the sand is not as vividly pink.

The pink colour on Pink Beach is not as pink as this photo
The pink colour on Pink Beach is not as pink as this photo

While Pink Beach’s hue appears lighter in person, it is still pink. See more natural photo below.

Pink Beach Komodo Island
Pink Beach is a beatiful spot
Pink Beach Komodo Island
Pose like you will never come here again in Pink Beach
Enjoy your relax time in Pink Beach
Enjoy your relax time in Pink Beach

However, there are some “warung” or local food tent there in Pink Beach, it will be helpful if you want to buy a fresh coconut. But it also be a bad spot for your drone photos if you are looking for a neat photos.

local tent in Pink Beach from Google maps on 2022
local tent in Pink Beach Padar Island from Google maps on 2022

Keep in mind that Pink Beach does not have any restaurants, hotels, or restrooms. It’s important to come prepared with all your essentials, such as snacks, medicine, special dietary foods, and so on, before embarking on your journey.

Those are some of its facts there.. The other fact is,

Did you find any information on Google that there are two Pink Beach around the islands? Yes, that’s right!

There Are Two Pink Beach

There are two Pink Beach around the Islands, one is in the Komodo Island, the other one is in Padar Island.

Below are the pink beaches you can find in the National Park Komodo:

1. Pink Beach in Padar Island

Pink Beach on Padar Island
Pink Beach on Padar Island

This may be the pink beach in Indonesia that is the most colorful. Here, the color of the sand is brighter compared to the pink beach Komodo Island.

On this beach, there’s also a piece of coral in red with a heart shape on the sand. And, the pink color of the sand is brighter, especially when the day is sunny.

For your information, this beach is hidden in a bay on the Padar Island’s north side.

What a lucky because you can find food stalls. So, they will be very helpful especially when you’d like to purchase souvenirs, drinks, or snacks.

2. Pink Beach in Komodo Island

Pink Beach in Komodo Island
Pink Beach in Komodo Island

Komodo Island is not only about Komodo Dragons. However, this island also offers a standout pink beach Indonesia.

The sand is not as red or pink as pink beach Padar Island. However, the tall mountains and hills surrounding it and the beautiful shoreline make it very photogenic.

If you want the more awesome views, you better hike up the hills. Even though there’re many food stalls, they won’t interfere too much with the view.

Which Pink Beach Is Better?

Actually, it’s not easy to decide the better pink beach. Both pink beaches above really look impressive.

Definitely, the sand of Padar’s pink beach is more colorful. However, pink beach Komodo Island offers a more interesting background with many trees & hills.

If it’s only possible to visit one of them, we think that Pink Beach on Padar Island offers a pink beach with the better overall view.

Padar offers the beach with the most noticeable pink sand color. However, it’s worthy to visit both of them.

If you start a 3D2N Komodo sailing trip, usually the itinerary on second day will be Pink Beach on Padar Island.

How to Visit Pink Beach

There’s only one way to get this unique beach. First is to arrive at Labuan Bajo.

From Labuan Bajo, you can go to Pink Beach by boat.

It’s important to know that the beach is around 40 kms from the town.

Normally, the trip takes about 3 hours using a slow boat. If you use a speedboat, it will be no more than half.

You may explore all the beauty of the National Park in a day. Or, you may consider a liveaboard & spend a few days for sightseeing.

Flights to Labuan Bajo (LBJ)

There’re many flights from Bali to the airport of Labuan Bajo every day. Some airlines offer the price of ticket at $40 while the flight takes about an hour.

Now, getting to Komodo Island is easier from Bali as Air Asia, Lion Air, or Batik Air flies there everyday. Even more, you are able to fly from Ende, Surabaya, and Jakarta to Labuan Bajo.

After arriving in Labuan Bajo, you can go to pink beaches by booking a boat tour.

Booking a tour via online can also be an alternative.

Book a Sailing Trip

Pink Beach is always included in any Komodo Sailing Package. The most popular packages are 3D2N Open/Shared Sailing Trip Package and One Day Sailing Package.

Check out our page about Sailing Trip Komodo Island.

The good news is, Open Trip is held every weekend on Friday – Sunday!

Otherwise, if you want a private trip, you can charter a boat with us, KomodoLuxury. Check our Phinisi boats collection here.

How to Enjoy Pink Beach Komodo Island Trip

There’re many panoramic views you can appreciate including pink beaches, blue sky, green hills, and turquoise sea.

In addition to the relaxation in the middle of excellent scenery, there’re many fun activities you can partake in.

After enjoying the magnificent scenery, you may go swimming in the fresh and clear water. There, you will uncover the beauty the beach offers.

The underwater corals are excellent with countless species of corals & fish. Anyway, pink beach is ideal for beginner divers & snorkelers because the water is shallow.

When venturing deeper, you’ll certainly feel more amazed. Or, you may only need to relax on the pink sand.

It’s also a great idea to join with water sports like kayaking. Just swimming leisurely is also very enjoyable.

Pink beach Komodo Island is also a perfect spot for photography. So, make sure that you capture all the beauty it offers.

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