How to Trip from Bali to Komodo Island

Bali to Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the popular destinations for many tourists from many countries. Usually, international tourists like to visit Bali. But when they are still curious about the beauty of the Indonesian Island, they will continue to visit Komodo Island. If you like to make a journey from Bali to Komodo Island. There are some alternative ways that you can do it.

Visiting Komodo Island will give you an unforgettable experience.

Many people know that the Komodo dragon became one of the largest lizards in the world. It is very interesting to see the dragon directly from their habitat. The only way that you can see the beauty of the Komodo dragon is by visiting Komodo Island.

Don’t worry about the way to Komodo Island because We will give you information about how to reach Komodo Island from Bali.

Fly from Bali to Komodo Island

The first way that you can visit Komodo Island is by using the plane from Bali to Komodo Island. But you have to know that the plane can’t fly directly to the Island. You should take the flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo. Then you can continue with the boat to Komodo Island.

The flight code is from [DPS] to [LBJ].

You can choose the best plane at a cheap price such as Batik Air. Many people like to choose this plane because of the lower cost and it has good facilities.

Just compare the ticket of wings air to the other plane. You will see that it becomes the best choice.

The ticket for Batik Air [DPS] to [LBJ] is around $55 for each person. It takes 1 hr 10 min direct flight.

To reach Ngurah Rai Bali airport [DPS] from where you stay in Bali, you can order GoJek. It is a kind of Uber in Bali. It will help you to reach the airport at a cheap cost. To order Gojek, you should install the application. But if you do not want to order by yourself, just ask the hotel staff to order it.

Indonesia Airplane Regulation

Most tourists like to visit Komodo Island by plane because they can arrive at the island faster. You may only need a few hours on the plane. But, visiting Komodo Island by boat is also very interesting.

If you like the trip from Bali to Komodo Island with the plane, you need to check your bag weight. Make sure that your bag is less than 10 kg.

Usually, the regulation only provides 7 kg for your bag. Sometimes, the security will check your bag but sometimes not.

How Long to Reach Komodo Island from Bali

Many tourists will be curious about how long they should spend to reach Komodo Island from Bali. You have to be arrived in Labuan Bajo Airport. With the plane, you will take around 1 hr 10 min to Labuan Bajo.

After that, you need to continue by taxi, maybe around thirty minutes until you arrive at the harbor.

From Labuan Bajo harbor you will take a boat tour to Komodo Island or Komodo National Park. It will take around 2 hr to arrive there.

Island Hopping around Labuan Bajo, Komodo Islands.

The best way to explore Komodo Islands is to spend 3 to 4 days to enjoy the beauty of the island and also enjoy some beautiful places in Labuan Bajo.

The trip is island hopping, there are so many beautiful destination you have to visit. Such as Padar Island, Pink Beach, Taka Makassar, Manjarite Island, Kalong Island, Kanawa Island, and a lot more!

If you only have a day to visit Komodo Island and want to go back to Bali, it is possible but you have to prepare an extra stamina to visit around 5 destinations including trekking and snorkeling in one or half-day.

You need a longer time to enjoy the trip. Don’t force yourself to visit Komodo Island if there is not enough time.

Whether you’re interested in a private boat charter or joining a 3D2N open trip starting from Labuan Bajo, we offer Komodo Sailing Tour Packages that you can explore here.

Phinisi Boat Private Trip Komodo Island

Overland Trip

In Labuan Bajo Island itself, you will love to see the beauty of the beach and the wonderful waterfall. You can enjoy the time riding a bike and then visit the waterfalls there. You can do this overland trip before or after the boat tour.

If you only have one day to travel from Bali to Komodo Island, it’s almost impossible. You should prepare 7 days for the trip to Komodo Island. Don’t think that Komodo Island is near Bali because you need to fly to Labuan Bajo first before you reach Komodo Island.

For an easy leisure trip, take a boat tour package from a tour operator.

How to Find the Best Tour Operator?

When you want to enjoy the trip to Komodo Island for a few days, you have to choose the best travel agent. There are many travel agents that you can find. Please, check the price of the travel agent and their facilities.

Kindly be aware that booking an Open Trip or sharing trip on a Phinisi boat through Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as Klook or Viator may lead to confusion or misinterpretation, so please proceed with caution.

Our top recommendation is to carefully examine the boat amenities, cabins, and the package’s inclusions to ensure that you make an informed decision.

We recommend that you reach out to our Tour Specialist through WhatsApp for the best rate guarantee with no hidden fee. You can find more information on our Komodo Sailing Tour Packages page.

We have range of boats based on your needs and budget. From speed boat, Deluxe, VIP, to VVIP luxury phinisi boat.

For a private charter, see more details of our boat selection here.

If you are 5 people or more, better take a private boat charter. But, if you are only 1 or two, best option is to join an open/shared trip for 3D2N. Open trip schedule is on every weekend, Friday-Sunday.

You will not only see the Komodo dragon but also enjoy the beauty of the beaches. Most of the tourists will do some activities on the beach such as snorkeling with Manta rays, playing on the pink beach of Padar island, hiking, and many more.

One of the most interesting activities is hiking to the top of Padar Island. This island has a perfect view that will make you feel so happy and never forget your experience there.

Beautiful view at the peak of Padar Island
Beautiful view at the peak of Padar Island
Padar Island Komodo
Nice weather in Padar Island Komodo
Seeing the Mating Season of Komodo
Seeing the Mating Season of Komodo
Manta Point Komodo
Manta Point Komodo

Tips to Trip from Bali to Komodo Island

Komodo is a dangerous wild animal. For women, if you are on menstrual period, you can still visit Komodo Island. Komodo dragons are used to living side by side with humans.

As long as you are accompanied by a Komodo Ranger—Komodo Island expert guide, you will be fine.

But just be aware, any kind of blood still can attract Komodo dragons to attack. Please stay close to your Komodo Ranger.

Their saliva liquid is very dangerous. It contains millions of bacteria that can cause big damage to your body. Don’t try to touch their body because it will be very dangerous especially when they bite you. The Komodo has a saliva liquid that can make your skin irritate or even get damaged.

If you see the Komodo dragon, make enough distance. Even if they have big bodies, they can run fast up to 20 km per hour. Komodo is a wild animal that can grow to 3 meters long. Their weight can reach up to 150 kg.

Your safety and health are the most important things. You should read the directions and regulations on Komodo Island.

Follow the rule there because it can affect your whole trip.

Seeing the beauty of the rare animal in the world will give you a wonderful experience in your life. This animal can only be found on Komodo Island. In this place, you also can visit another small island such as Padar island.

Most of the tourists will visit Padar island to enjoy the beauty of the pink beach. You can use a small boat to reach this island. There you will see the pinky sand of the beach. Don’t think that the sand has a pink color like a flower or rose. But it looks like pink combined with white color.

When looking for the komodo dragon, you should follow the tour guide. Your guide will lead you to see the komodo dragon in the safe area. Ask your guide about komodo and it will give you new knowledge about this rare animal.

Plan your trip from Bali to Komodo Island well. There you can enjoy different things that can only be found on Komodo Island.

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