12 Best Ideas for Sunset Spot in Komodo Island

Drone View of Padar Island, Komodo National Park

Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo are an entity that is inseparable because they are interconnected. Here, we will focus on discussing sunset spot in Komodo Island as well as Labuan Bajo.

If you have a vacation in Labuan Bajo, you should also visit the Komodo National Park. One of the most exciting activities to do there is to see and enjoy the sunset.

Where Is the Best Sunset Spot in Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo?

If you love to watch a sunset, we have a few recommendations to enjoy the sunset in Komodo Island & Labuan Bajo.

1. Pink Beach

You may have never seen a pink sunset before. If you are at Pink Beach, you can see this stunning view.

Pink Beach belongs to the famous attractions in the National Park of Komodo.

During the day, the beach showcases a pink glimmer. But in the twilight, the pink gets more apparent.

So, you can enjoy the spectacular sunset with the background of beautiful pink sand. And, it is so surreal.

2. Padar Island

Besides that, Padar Island also becomes a sunset spot that won’t disappoint you. After climbing the hills and getting to the top, you’ll see a spectacular view.

For your information, Padar Island has 4 crescent beaches & some surrounding islands. To wait for the sunset view, you can sit in the bushes.

3. Bukit Cinta

If you want to see a sunset with your beloved one, there’s a romantic view called Bukit Cinta. You know that this Love Hill belongs to a vantage point in Labuan Bajo.

After a short hike, you will face the Flores Sea at the peak. Just feel free to choose your preferred sunset spot in Komodo Island at Bukit Cinta!

4. Kalong Island

Kalong Island is the best place for those who are curious about a wild sunset. When dusk is coming, the sky’s color starts to change to violet-crimson hues.

Besides that, you’ll see huge flying foxes that fly to search for meals. Anyway, Kalong Island gives you a wild show while seeing a sunset.

5. Dermaga Putih

Dermaga Putih is the landmark of Labuan Bajo that has an elegant, white design. It is a private restaurant that has a bridge dock.

However, they allow anyone to take pictures at that remarkable bridge. As dusk comes, the lights begin to dimply light up.

6. On the Phinisi Boat

Alternatively, you can also enjoy a sunset anywhere from the Phinisi boat.

If you do liveaboard, you’ll have chances to see the magnificent sunset & sunrise.

This will be one of the best moments in your life to treasure forever. So, are you challenged to have this great moment?

KomodoLuxury as one of premium boat charter operator, will provide you best choice of Phinisi Boat, based on your budget and the design & facilities of your desire boat.

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7. Sylvia Hill

The next sunset spot in Komodo Island is Sylvia Hill. This scenic hill is a perfect spot to see an awesome sunset.

As we know, catching a view of the sunset always becomes an unforgettable moment. Then, you have to discover the perfect spot.

From the hilltop, you will admire the beach’s panoramic view and then the sunset will make you fall in love.

Don’t forget to capture your beautiful moments and upload them to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

8. Waecicu Beach

It seems that there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the sunset on this exotic beach. While waiting for the sunset, you can relax on its light-bathed sands.

It will be very enjoyable to sip a tropical drink while watching the golden sunset on Waecicu Beach. It looks like the sun kisses the stunning turquoise sea.

9. Jembatan Putih

Recently, this spot has been very popular on Instagram. This elegant bridge is made from a wood pier stretching out into the chic sea.

Here, you can relax on the chair and gaze at the sky. There’s no more thrilling moment than waiting for a dramatic sunset at this place.

When the light of the event fades, the lamps light up. Of course, it adds a magical touch to the pier with a dreamy atmosphere.

10. Paradise Bar

Paradise Bar is also a fabulous sunset spot in Komodo Island. It is a twilight paradise on a cliff-top.

The combination of sunset and sea views is very spectacular. Even more, you can enjoy live music, a delicious menu, as well as a tasty drink.

The sun painting the sky in wonderful hues of red, orange, and pink will certainly amaze you.

11. Bukit Cinta

There’s also a spot to enjoy a great sunset with the hilly terrain backdrop. Here, you can hike up a hill named Bukit Cinta.

There, you will see lush greenery and feel a fresh atmosphere. Even more, you will find how you fall in love easily with the scenery.

After walking around the hill, don’t forget to go to Wae Rana Beach where the panorama is also amazing. You can take as many pictures as possible there.

12. La Prima Hotel

This beachfront hotel faces Pede Beach, surrounded by awesome hills. It offers you an excellent spot to seize a beautiful view of the sunset.

Make sure that you visit the wooden pier of the hotel. There, you can experience the threat of sunset with a fiery sky backdrop.

That’s some of the ideas of sunset spot in Komodo Island you cannot miss. As we know, sunset is very beautiful so it seems as if we were seeing it through the heaven gate.

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