10 Top Facts About Indonesia You Must Know

top facts about indonesia

Indonesia is one of the biggest countries in the world. Many tourists like to visit this country because of the beauty and also the people there. Many interesting facts make the country more incredible. If you feel interested in this country, you should know 10 Top facts about Indonesia.

Indonesia has many beautiful islands such as Bali, Komodo island, Labuan Bajo, and many others. Besides beautiful places, many interesting facts will make you want to visit this country.

10 Top Facts about Indonesia

There are so many facts that start from good facts, unique or even unbelievable facts about Indonesia. But to give you new knowledge, here are 10 Top facts about Indonesia that you have to know:

1. About the Name

Indonesia has a unique name because it contains Latin and also Greek words. Indonesia’s name is made from the word ‘Indus’ in Latin and ‘nesos’ from the Greek word. It means that Indonesia is an Indian island.

Before it became Indonesia, people usually called this country the Indian archipelago or East Indies Island.

2. Very big country

You have to know that Indonesia is a very big country. It contains so many islands starting from Sumatra until west Papua. When you look at the maps, Indonesia has a total land area of 1,919,440 square kilometers.

Compared with other countries such as the UK, you will see that Indonesia is very big with 1.905 million km² and UK is 243,610 km² area size. You also can compare Indonesia with other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and others.

Unlike a small country, Indonesia has more than 18.000 islands. It makes Indonesia the largest archipelago. If you want to explore this country, you will need a long time because there are so many beautiful places.

One of the famous islands is Bali. Many foreign people like to visit this island. Every year, there are 5 million tourists who are visiting this island.

Also there is Komodo Island, new emerging destination in Indonesia. One of the famous reason you should visit Komodo Island is to see the only Komodo Dragon live!

Island hopping and sailing trip with Phinisi boat is a must in Komodo Island.

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3. Java Island has Oldest Fossilized Remains

The other top fact about Indonesia is that Indonesia has the oldest fossilized remains. It shows that Indonesia has been inhabited for maybe a million years. Many of the oldest men have been found on Java island.

One of the wonderful fossils is the Java man. Scientists predicted that Java man’s age was around one million years old.

4. It has Great Volcanos

The other top fact about Indonesia that makes Indonesia very interesting is the great volcanos. Volcanologists love to visit Indonesia because it has 127 active volcanoes.

Not all volcanoes are dangerous. You also can see the beauty of some active volcanoes such as Mount Bromo and Mount Agung. They have a beautiful view that attracts many tourists from many countries in the world.

Indonesia has so many beautiful things but there are also many dangers such as from the hundred of active volcanoes.

5. Beautiful Culture and Language

The other top fact about Indonesia is the beauty of the culture. Indonesia has beautiful culture because it has more than 18.000 islands and also more than 300 ethnic groups.

Each ethnic group has different traditions and cultures. There are also many languages up to 700 languages in this country.

People in Indonesia not only speak Bahasa Indonesia. Different places usually have different languages, for example, Javanese people. In Java island, people have different languages based on their location. A different city usually has a different language.

People usually use Bahasa Indonesia at school and in their offices. But at home, they usually use their mother language.

When you visit Indonesia, you can see amazing cultures such as the Hindu procession in Bali, the wonderful crafts of Indonesian people, the tradition of Muslim people in Idul Fitri, and many others.

6. There are Many World Heritage Sites UNESCO

Something that makes Indonesia very interesting for many tourists around the world is UNESCO world heritage sites. When you visit Indonesia, you will not only wonder at the beauty of the island, but you also can find 8 UNESCO world heritage sites.

You can visit four natural wonders that include UNESCO world’s heritage sites such as Komodo National Park, Tropical Rain Forest in Sumatra, Ujung Kulon National Park, and Lorentz National Park.

The other is for cultural sites such as Borobudur Temple, Sangiran Early Man Sites, Bali’s subak system, and also Prambanan temple.

Indonesia is a wonderful archipelago and there you will get an unforgettable experience to enjoy the beauty of the world heritage sites.

7. Country with Rich Biodiversity

You must know that Indonesia is a big country with a large forest. Indonesia has 16% of the world’s reptiles, 35 species of primates, 12% of the world’s mammals, and 10% of the world’s flowering plants.

If you like to see the beauty underwater, you should visit Raja Ampat. This island provides you with 75% of the world’s species of coral, and also more than 1400 fish species.

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8. Rich in Historical Heritage

Indonesia has extraordinary wealth. Many tourists like to visit Indonesia because they want to see the historical buildings there.

As mentioned earlier, Indonesia has many temples. The most famous are the Borobudur and Prambanan temples.

There are still many other temples such as Ratu Boko Temple, Mendut Temple, Ngawen Temple, and other temples scattered in various regions in Java island and the other Islands.

9. Lot of Gold

The next top fact about Indonesia is regarding gold. Indonesia is a very rich country with various kinds of mined material, one of them being gold.

At Puncak Jaya, Papua, there is the third-largest gold mine in the world. This gold mine is managed by a company from the United States. If Indonesia can manage its gold, of course almost all Indonesian people will live in prosperity.

10. Country with Big Corruption

Another surprising fact about Indonesia is that there are many cases of corruption. The government often abuses its authority to get huge profits from its positions.

This also becomes the reason why many Indonesian people are still not living with low finances.

The punishment for corruptors in Indonesia is still weak. It makes the people in government dare to commit corruption.

Indonesia is indeed a country that has many interesting facts, but at the same time, it also has surprising facts.

Geographically, Indonesia has a fairly large area with a big population.

Almost every island has its wealth. Not only rich in various kinds of biodiversity but they are also rich in culture and tradition.

Indonesia has tremendous potential in the future. If the governments can manage the resources properly, Indonesia will certainly become a wealthy country.

There are still so many facts about Indonesia. Indonesia is a rich country. You can see the beauty of the island, which has many resources, rich in culture, and many more.

When you live in Indonesia, you can enjoy the fresh air every day. The land is great because there are many plants living easier.

If you explore Indonesia, you also will meet friendly people. It makes Indonesia more wonderful. They like to smile, talk to you, and help you when something happens.

After you know the top facts about Indonesia, it will make you more curious about this country. When you have the time and money, don’t hesitate to visit Indonesia and enjoy its beauty.

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