Sailing Trip to Taka Makassar Labuan Bajo

Taka Makassar

Taka Makassar is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Labuan Bajo. This small island will only appear when the water is receding. The shape of Taka Makassar is also quite distinctive, resembling the crescent and appearing above the ocean.

Located within the area of Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Taka Makassar is becoming one of the most visited places in the park. The white to pink gradation of sand has attracted tourists to visit and enjoy the view surrounding it. The word Taka derives from local language means shallow and Makassar is taken from the sailor’s name who found this bank. As part of the Komodo National Park, entrance fees are IDR 200,000 for Indonesians and IDR 500,000.

How to Get to Taka Makassar?

It’s relatively easy to go to Taka Makassar from your current location in 2022. There are multiple possible ways to get there, but the easiest way is by flight.

1. Flight from Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta, or Kupang

First, book a flight to bigger airports across Indonesia such as Denpasar, Jakarta, Surabaya, or Kupang. From there, you may continue your flight to Labuan Bajo airport, Komodo Airport. It only takes approximately 2 hours from Jakarta Airport and 1 hour to 1 hour and a half from Surabaya, Denpasar, and Kupang Airport.

2. Book Your Tour Package

Second, once you are in Labuan Bajo Airport, you can go to the harbor to get the boat to Taka Makassar. Taka Makassar is accessible by boat in three to four hours. There is no public transportation to go to Taka Makassar from Labuan Bajo harbor. However, you can book your tour package or charter a boat from the tour operator at the harbor.

Getting a perfect boat for your trip to the harbor can be quite challenging for most people. It’s either the boat facilities that don’t meet your expectations or you are not sure how to arrange your trip. Booking your tour or charter your boat in advance can be an option to have a more relaxing and smooth journey as everything is going to be arranged before you arrive here. With Komodo Luxury, we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction. We have a variety of boat selections for you to charter and enjoy while you are here in Komodo. Deluxe to VVIP boats starting with a capacity of 6 to 32 people are ready to take you around Komodo National Park.

Elbark Cruise Phinisi might be best choice for a luxury leisure trip to visit Komodo Islands. Our tour package includes an excursion to remote beaches and famous locations in Komodo National Park, such as Taka Makassar, Komodo Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, Manta Point, and Kalong Island.

Contact us through WhatsApp should you have any inquiries; we’ll be delighted to help. You may also visit our website to see the boat details and our Instagram page to see our customer’s experiences with us.

The beauty shape of Taka Makassar
The beauty shape of Taka Makassar

Sailing Trip to Taka Makassar

On this small sandbank of 50 meters in length and 12 meters in width there are several things you can do to explore the island. You can also explore the underwater world around this island by swimming, snorkeling, and diving. You only need a few hours to explore and enjoy what this island offers. The best time to visit this island is in the dry season, from April to December. The weather is nice, not too hot, low chance of rain, and the sky is blue, perfect for enjoying your relaxing time on Taka Makassar. Here are the things you can do on Taka Makassar:

1. Swimming Around the Island

The turquoise ocean water will be so tempting for you to jump in. Taka Makassar’s area is shallow; you can swim there. However, be careful with the strong current during the high tide. Generally, high tide occurs twice per day; in the morning and in the evening, so make sure you ask your tour guide before going swimming.

2. Snorkeling and Diving

Known as the longest reef in the Komodo National Park, the phenomenal underwater view has blown away visitors worldwide. If you’re lucky, you can see manta rays and sea turtles in this area. The colorful fish contrast with the color of the turquoise ocean water has become an amazing view to enjoy. Bring your own snorkel and dive equipment as there is no place to rent it in the area. Should you charter The Clalynna with us, snorkel gear is already included in the charter package. So there is no need for you to be worried if you forget to bring one. To snorkel in the Komodo National Park area, you will need to pay IDR 15,000/person. Meanwhile, it costs IDR 275,000 to IDR 350,000 per person to dive for foreigners, and for Indonesians, it costs IDR 80,000 – IDR 85,000 per person.

3. Playground for Kids

This kid-friendly sandbank is very suitable for your kids to play in the sand on the island as it is pretty safe and the water surrounding it is shallow. However, they will still need to be under adult supervision while playing there.

4. Take some Instagrammable Pictures

Bring your camera and take some pictures while you are on Taka Makassar for a more memorable vacation. You can also take some underwater pictures of the nice coral and colorful fish when you snorkel or dive.

Taka Makassar is an excellent choice for you who wants to explore the stunning places in Komodo National Park. It offers amazing underwater and terrestrial views, a wide variety of marine life, colorful corals and fish, and the unique composition of white to pink gradation of sand. Put Taka Makassar on your travel bucket list this year for a fantastic leisure time for you, your family, friends, and loved ones.

Ready to Visit Taka Makassar with Malca Voyages Sailing Boat?

Malca Voyages VIP sailing boat
Malca Voyages VIP sailing boat

You might still be confused and doubt how to choose the boat. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Malca Voyages’s capacity is 21 people, suitable for you who want the best holiday with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Equipped with 7 cabins which consist of master ocean view with bath up, Deluxe Ocean View, Superior Ocean view, quad room ocean view, 2 double room, and triple room with private bathroom in each cabin, this boat is designed specially to meet your happiness during your trip to Komodo.

The charter package includes full board meals and non-alcoholic drinks, so you don’t have to prepare any meals or snacks and drinks before the trip begins. Aside from that, we provide qualified crews, snorkel gear, and excursions to remote beaches and tourist attractions in the Komodo National Park area.

You will also be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide during your trip.

Visit our website to find more details about Malca Voyages Sailing Boat and our Instagram to see our customers’ experiences with us. Should you need to talk to our Customer Service, you may contact us through WhatsApp or email to info@komodoluxury.com.

It will be our pleasure to assist you. See you on Taka Makassar!

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