Mesa Island, The Cultural Island in Flores – Komodo

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Mesa Island or known as Mesa Village is the home of the Bajau People who traditionally used to live only on boats. Located 15 km from Labuan Bajo Central, this island offers a new cultural attraction for the Bajau community in the Komodo National Park.

About Mesa Island

This small seaside village is located 15 km from Labuan Bajo and is home to about 1900 people, most of whom are fishermen. Around 484 families are living here.

This most populous island in Labuan Bajo had its own electricity from solar power plants since October 2019. They buy their fresh water from a water vendor in Labuan Bajo since they do not have a source of fresh water on the island.

How to Get to Mesa Island

Mesa Island is accessible in about 30 to 45 mins by boat from Labuan Bajo harbor. There is daily transportation by the local fishing boat to and from Labuan Bajo harbor.

What to Expect in Mesa Island

Mesa Island is a famous fishermen island in Labuan Bajo. This island offers a magnificent terrestrial and underwater view. Here are a few things about Mesa Island you need to know before visiting there:

  • The Beauty of its Marine Biodiversity

Snorkeling around the island is a great choice to enjoy its magnificent underwater view. The pristine ocean water, colorful corals, and many species of colorful fish such as clownfish, starfish, and surgeonfish.

Get your snorkel gears ready for an extraordinary experience of witnessing the marine life around Mesa Island. For an easier way, if go on a boat charter, they will usually have the snorkel gears ready for you.

With KomodoLuxury, snorkel gears are included on the boat charter package, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to bring yours.

  • Picturesque Landscape View

Mesa Island has a hill that you can hike to the top. The trail is relatively easy for beginners. From there, you will see a stunning panorama, which features a view of the islands of Komodo National Park.

  • Houses are Built on Stilts

The houses on Mesa Island are built on stilts to avoid the ocean water getting into their houses during the high tide.

However, due to the island’s density, it’s impossible to build another house on the island.

  • Buy Freshest Fish from the Fishermen

You can get the freshest fish such as grouper, barracuda, and calamari from the local fishers on Mesa Island during your visit.

Enjoy the seafood to return to the boat if you charter with us for dinner.

Final Thoughts

Mesa Island is a worthy place to visit during your trip to Komodo. There, you can see the daily life of the fishers, you can buy a fresh fish from the fishers, and see the view of the stunning islands of Komodo National Park from its hill.

Put Mesa Island in your itinerary while you are in Komodo!

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