11 Komodo Dragon Facts That Will Surprise You

Komodo Dragon Facts

The Komodo Dragon, an ancient animal, has long been the subject of folklore and myths that can be only found on Indonesian Island, specifically on the Komodo and Rinca Islands. If you want to join a Komodo dragon tour, you have to know about Komodos facts.

However, despite many stories that have been told about them, only a few individuals are aware of the factual information about these creatures. This species is fascinating. Behind its exciting name, there are big facts you may have never heard before.

Find Out Amazing Komodo Dragon Facts

Here are some of the most amazing Komodo Dragon truths:

Infographic Komodo dragon facts - Komodo Luxury
Infographic Komodo dragon facts – Komodo Luxury

1. Komodo Are Venomous

A common misconception among the general public is that the Komodo Dragon has deadly toxins in its saliva. However, a study said that they excrete mouth venoms to the prey’s wounds.

In 2009, a team led by Bryan Fry conducted research that demonstrated that the Komodo dragon possesses venom glands containing toxins and uses this venom to incapacitate their prey to death.

The victims may escape. However, the venom will paralyze and kill them slowly. This is one of the most painful ways to kill prey.

2. Komodo Hunt with the Forked Tongues

Komodo can clearly taste the surrounding air and has a good sense of smell. Besides that, they can differentiate particles animals leave.

It is important to note that while Komodo Dragons have poor olfactory and eyesight senses, their forked tongues are highly sensitive and capable of tracking their prey as far as 9 kilometers away.

3. Komodo Are Cannibals

In addition to being cannibalistic, Komodo may also attack their offspring. That’s why the babies of the female Komodo dragons usually climb trees. It is their instinct to protect themselves from adult Komodo dragons.

Even more, the Komodo dragons can live in the tree for four years. When returning to the ground, the Komodo Dragon’s lifespan can reach 30 years.

4. Young Komodo Hide the Smell

Young Komodos often cover their bodies in the dead animal’s intestines and feces to escape adult Komodos.

In fact, Komodo rely on their smell & taste of senses. So, this can be a very effective method to avoid cannibalistic Komodo.

5. Komodo Rob Graves

One of the most surprising Komodo Dragon facts is that they dig up graves. Then, they eat the carcasses with their sharp teeth..

Because of that, local people cover their loved ones’ graves with stones or rocks. This is the best way to protect the graves so that Komodo will not rob graves.

6. Komodo May Give Births in a Virgin Condition

As a parthenogenetic animal, a female Komodo dragon can conceive without the male Komodo’s sperm. One egg cell can fertilize another egg cell. Commonly, it happens with those that live in captivity.

It is interesting that male and female Komodo can sexually reproduce, too. So, reproduction depends on the environment’s condition. Typically, in mating season, female Komodo dragons lay about 20 to 30 eggs, and the eggs incubate for about nine months.

7. Komodo Swallow a Water Buffalo

Komodo have a big appetite for meat. They are totally carnivorous and fierce hunters that cause the prey blood loss. Even more, they can eat meats up to 80 percent of their body weight in a single meal.

Komodo can swallow the whole water buffalo just in one meal. However, their metabolism is slow enough. Because of that, Komodo can survive on 12x meals in a year. Even so, they always try to hut prey if possible.

8. Komodo Own Gigantism of Island

Now, Komodo are the most enormous monitor lizards in the world. The biggest Komodo was more than 3 meters and up to 300 pounds.

But the Komodo dragon facts find that female Komodo are, on average, 6 feet, whereas male Komodo are 8-9 feet. Their big size makes them the peak predator on their island. And they also don’t have competitors as the predators.

9. Komodo Are Reliable Swimmers

They cannot only climb & dash. However, Komodo are also able to swim well with their muscular tails.

When looking for partners or food, Komodo can swim easily around the East Nusa Tenggara islands, such as Padar, Flores, and Komodo Island.

10. Komodo Belong to Ancient Animals

For your information, Komodo has existed for a long time. Although they were only found in 1910 by Europeans, Komodo belongs to a legacy of the biggest lizards that existed for 900 thousand years in Flores, Indonesia.

Then, how many Komodo Dragons are left? It is not certain, but we have to participate in keeping Komodo dragons.

11. Komodo Are Playful

Many Komodo Dragons show playfulness signs with different objects and even with their caretakers. However, it only happens to some Komodo because they may have different characters and behaviors.

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Visit Komodo Island by Komodo Dragon Tour

Those are some facts about Komodo Dragons that you should know. It’s essential to help protect this endangered species. They may look fierce, but they’re used to living near humans. You’ll be safe if you’re with a Komodo Ranger, a local expert guide in Komodo Island.

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