Kalong Island: The Bat Island with Wonderful Sunset

Kalong Island

‘Kalong’ means ‘Bats’ in Indonesia. Kalong Island is a small beautiful island in the area of Komodo National Park, consists of less than 5 hectares and offers an exotic view.

This island is popular for the bats called ‘flying fox’. The bats live in the forests of mangrove that covers the island.

This is why the island is referred to as “Kalong,” meaning bats. Its uniqueness draws in many visitors. Despite their large size, the bats are not harmful to humans.

Witness the Bat Symphony on Kalong Island

This island is very exotic because of the bats that fly over it at sunset. As dusk approaches, bats emerge from trees to find food.

They energetically fly and cover the beautiful sky. This attraction of Kalong Island sunset belongs to the most amazing view.

The bats fly with energy, creating a beautiful display as they fill the sky. This sunset spectacle on Kalong Island is considered one of the most amazing shows.

The show lasts approximately half an hour.

Meanwhile, those bats hide and sleep in the forest in the day. For your information, they are biggest bats over the world. Besides that, they just eat fruits.

Mostly, they live in a place that feels warm, where different types of fruits may grow all the year. And, another best time to see the bats is when they return to the nest in the early morning.

Kalong Island
Kalong Island
Kalong Island
Kalong Island
Kalong Island
Kalong Island

Kalong Island with a Protected and Dense Mangrove

Kalong Island’s mangroves are also a breathtaking sight to behold and serve as the bats’ habitat.

The local community takes care of the forest to ensure the preservation of the bats’ home, making it illegal to cut down the mangrove trees or illegally fish. Adhering to these regulations helps keep the island in its natural, beautiful state.

How to Get to Kalong Island

Kalong Island is around 8 kilometers from Labuan Bajo. It is an island with no population. You will only find mangroves you will not be able to go through.

If visiting in the morning or afternoon, you can enjoy the stunning beach. If you want to wait for sunset, you will get a bonus to see flying bats over the beach.

Since the waves are strong enough, it will be better if you combine the trip with other spots near Komodo Island.

A 3 day 2 night sailing trip package in Komodo will includes a stop at Kalong Island on the first day to catch the stunning sunset while seeing the island and its bats from a Phinisi boat.

You will enjoy the sunset while having a dinner on board.

See the itinerary examples here.

It sounds an interesting experience, isn’t it?

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