Mutiara Laut

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14 Guests

7 Cabins

7 knots

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Mutiara Laut Cabins

1  Cabin

Owner Cabin

4  Cabin

Double Cabin

2  Cabin

Front Cabin


The extraordinary experience aboard the Mutiara Laut Yacht Phinisi, where luxury meets adventure on the open seas. This splendid vessel, a Phinisi type, spans an impressive 46 meters in length, with a beam of 9.40 meters and a draft of 3.10 meters, ensuring ample space and comfort for your maritime journey.


Relax and bask in the sun on the expansive sundeck or dive into the mesmerizing underwater world equipped with top-quality snorkeling gear. Delight in culinary delights at the dining area, offering a blend of flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

Embark on aquatic adventures with provided paddles, water skis, and kayaks, or find your serene spot in the lounge area. Stay connected with WiFi and revel in the comfort of air conditioning throughout the yacht.

Boat Specification

Technical Spesification


Discover the True Paradise


If you want an amazing holiday experience in this archipelago area, chartering a private boat is the way to go! With our service, our local expert will make sure you have the best possible holiday.

Mutiara laut sails around the area of Komodo Island

We are waiting for you.

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The Ancient Land of Komodo
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Sailing To Komodo National Park

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the last paradise on earth


Sailing To The Ancient land of Komodo and Raja Ampat