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Discover the magic of Barakati Cruise Phinisi in Komodo National Park. Glide effortlessly with our speedy boat and savor delicious meals in our cozy indoor and outdoor dining spots, surrounded by stunning vistas. Relax and soak up the sun on our spacious deck, perfect for lounging and taking in the beauty of Komodo. With top-notch comfort, thrilling adventures, and exceptional service, Barakati Cruise Phinisi promises an unforgettable journey through Komodo National Park. Join us for an epic experience like no other!


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If you want an amazing holiday experience in this archipelago area, chartering a private boat is the way to go! With our service, our local expert will make sure you have the best possible holiday.

Barakati Cruise Phinisi sails around the area of Komodo Island.

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Komodo Island

The Ancient Land of Komodo
Located in Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara, has unique treasures that you should discover. Equipped with an exotic panorama, glamorous nature attractions, and diverse biodiversity is the perfect getaway for your new trip to Indonesia.
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Sailing To Komodo National Park

Raja ampat

the last paradise on earth


Sailing To The Ancient land of Komodo and Raja Ampat