Where to See Manta Rays In Indonesia While Snorkeling and Diving

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Diving and snorkeling belong to the most exciting experiences, especially with manta rays Indonesia. In Indonesia, you can find a few sites for doing so. For your information, manta rays belong to the most exotic creatures of marine. These creatures are not only harmless and playful but also have no fear to approach snorkelers and divers. Below are the information about where to see manta rays

Where To See Manta Rays In Indonesia Closely

Indonesia is an archipelago that is rich marine’s life, including manta rays. Below are some of the most recommended places where you can dive, snorkel, and see this type of fish closer.

1. Taka Makassar/Manta Point

Manta Rays in Manta Point Labuan Bajo
Manta Rays in Manta Point Labuan Bajo
If you are in a right spot and season, you will find Manta Rays easily
If you are in a right spot and season, you will find Manta Rays easily

In the National Park of Komodo, there’s a site called Manta Point or Taka Makassar. Manta Ray Point is a channel connecting the Indian & southwest pacific oceans.

This water provides abundant zooplankton where mantas love it so much. Besides that, its ocean floor is sandy and has good visibility.

Just drop down into the water and you will have an outstanding experience to see this giant fish.

Different mantas are available here such as reef mantas, oceanic mantas, and eagle mantas. Moreover, there are also giant trevallies and sharks here.

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2. Manta Alley

Another best place in the National Park of Komodo to see manta rays Indonesia while snorkeling/swimming is Manta Alley.

It is similar to Manta Point where it provides you with many corals & mantas you can see right away after entering the water.

There, you can see manta gathering around & gliding to feed. You may cannot find such amazing view in other places.

3. Blue Magic

Raja Ampat also belongs to the best places to see mantas. One of the sites we offer is Blue Magic.

This place provides you with stunning reefs, sponges, fans, and corals. For your information, Blue Magic offers around open water about 8 meters.

The site is very stunning with many planktons attracting fishes. If you want to see the mantas, this can be a good place.

As descending, you’ll find Jacks, Barracuda tornadoes, reef creatures, Sharks patrolling, sneaking Eels, and also Tasseled Wobbegong.

4. Manta Ridge

This is another gem of Raja Ampat that provides a spectacular view to see mantas.

This is a sloping reef where the slope is about 40m before the its sandy floor. At 6m, you are already able to see mantas.

Because the currents are strong enough, divers, especially beginners must try only if the currents are less strong and under the supervision.

In addition to manta rays Indonesia, you can also find many other creatures underwater such as trevallies, remora, turtles, and wrasse.

5. Nusa Penida

In Bali, there’s also an awesome place to meet mantas, called Nusa Penida. Manta Point and Manta Bay are the best options there.

Even more, they can also swim around the Crystal Bay. Sometimes, you may catch mantas from the southern coastline’s viewpoints, too.

At Manta Bay, you can find mantas swimming and feeding. Not only at one bay, you can see mantas at many bays.

Meanwhile, Manta Point offers water with around 15-m deep, making it a perfect place to dive and snorkel.

Because of the strong currents and rough sea, we only recommend this manta ray snorkeling Bali for experienced snorkelers and divers.

6. Alor

Usually, mantas appear in Alor from the middle of March to the middle of January. However, you cannot worry because you will have a higher opportunity to see other wonderful sea animals.

In addition to mantas, you can also see mola-mola fish and hammerhead sharks. That’s why Alor in the East Nusa Tenggara is popular for its world-class snorkeling and diving site.

To sum up, Indonesia has many awesome places for those who want to see mantas while swimming or snorkeling.

Whether you are visiting the National Park of Komodo, Raja Ampat, Bali, or East Nusa Tenggara, there are many places that are perfect to enjoy the beauty of underwater creatures like mantas.

So, if you’re ready to snorkel or dive and see mantas, just visit one of the places above. Of course, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Besides seeing manta rays Indonesia, those places also provide you with other beauties and underwater creatures that will perfect your experience.

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