Traveling From Bali to Padar Island

The view at Padar Islands

Visiting Bali can be an unforgettable moment. But, if you still want to explore the beauty of Indonesia, you can continue your trip to Padar Island. The location of Padar Island is quite far from Bali. It is one of the eastern Indonesian islands. Many tourists like to continue their trip from Bali to Labuan Bajo by plane, then continue to Padar Island by boat.

You should know that Padar is a part of Komodo National Park.

Something that makes Padar Island very interesting is the beauty of the island. You can see the wonderful view up there.

The Trip From Bali to Padar Island

If you want to go to Padar Island, there are some ways that you can choose:

1. From Bali – Labuan Bajo – Padar Island

The first common way to travel from Bali to Padar Island is through Labuan Bajo. It is very suitable for you who want to arrive in Padar Island faster.

You only need around 1 to 1.5 hours to reach Labuan Bajo by plane. After the plane has arrived in Labuan Bajo, you can continue with the next flight to Padar Island.

During your flight, there are many beautiful sights such as green island and also Mount Rinjani. There is also a wonderful beach with white sand that you can see while you enjoy your flight.

From the Komodo airport, you can continue your trip to the main road. You should find Jl. Soekarno-Hatta and find a tour package because there is no public transportation for tourists to go to Komodo National Park.

When you want to minimize the cost of the trip from Labuan Bajo to Padar Island, better you join other travelers in a boat. For example, boat has a big capacity of 8-30 people. You can fill the empty chair so you will pay a cheaper cost.

If you use a slow boat, it may take 3 hours. But, if you choose a speed boat, it only needs 1.5 hours.

Some tourists also like to choose a luxurious Komodo sailing tour package. It makes traveling comfortable. You can enjoy the Phinisi boat for a private trip or open/sharing tour.

2. Bali – Sumbawa – Padar Island

The other alternative way to reach Padar Island from Bali is through Sumbawa. You also can use a plane through Sumbawa. When you choose Sumbawa, you can visit many interesting places such as Mount Tambora.

There is also a beautiful beach for diving or snorkeling. Before you enjoy the beauty of Padar Island, it is better if you explore some wonderful places in Sumbawa.

On this island, you can choose Bima airport. It is closer to Padar Island than Sumbawa city airport.

After you arrive in Bima, you should find Sape Harbor. There you can sail by ferry to Labuan Bajo or choose a chartered boat to Padar Island.

But if you like to trip on the plane, make sure you only bring a small lighter pack. The airplane only provides a luggage capacity of 10kg.

Traveling by plane or sailing is a good choice. Many tourists like to travel by boat because they want to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia’s seas and beaches.

Something you should prepare for the trip is the cost. Your choice will influence the cost. If you want to minimize the traveling cost, you may like to choose a boat or ferry.

From Bali to Padar Island may take a few days if you want to explore Labuan Bajo or Sumbawa. People who like adventure will love the trip.

Around Padar Island also there is an iconic place called Pink Beach.

Yes, the sand on Pink Beach has pink color. Want to know why?

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