7 Most Popular Misconceptions of Indonesia

Popular Misconceptions of Indonesia

Indonesia is a very popular country because it has many cultures and beautiful places. But, many foreign people still believe some popular misconceptions about Indonesia.

Many foreign people like to visit this country. They like to enjoy the beauty of the temple, forest, beach, Komodo Island, and many others. This country is very big. It has complete facilities for everyone who lives there.

Popular Misconception of Indonesia

If you like to travel around the world, you may feel interested in an Indonesian country. Smart people must know about popular misconceptions.

Don’t believe the wrong information about Indonesia. To help you know more about this country, here are the explanation about the misconception of Indonesia:

1. Most Indonesian can Speak English

Many people think that most people in Indonesia can speak English fluently. It is the first misconception of Indonesia. English is not the first or second language for Indonesian.

The first language is Bahasa Indonesia, and the second language is their mother language. Only small people can speak English, especially if they have good studies or are learning English courses.

In some places such as Bali or Komodo island, many people can speak English because they usually meet foreign people. So, I don’t believe that most people can speak English well.

2. Indonesia and Bali are Different Country

The other popular misconception of Indonesia is that Indonesia and Bali are different countries. You must know that Bali is one of the popular islands in Indonesia.

So when you visit Bali, it means that you visit Indonesia. Many people like to visit Bali and they do not know that Bali is the island. Bali is a small island. It is very popular because it has wonderful culture and beautiful places.

3. Indonesia is an Islamic country

If you never visit Indonesia, you may think that Indonesia is an Islamic country. Indonesia is not an Islamic country because most of the regulations do not use Islamic rule.

Something correct about Indonesia is that the majority of Indonesians are Muslim. Indonesia has many cultures with different religions. One of the places that use Islamic rule is only Aceh. While the other cities of Indonesia still use the common rule from the government.

4. Indonesians are a tribe and poor

People who never visit Indonesia may believe that Indonesians are poor and tribal. It is because they do not know this country.

Indonesia has many forests but most people live in the city or town. There are so many trees in Indonesia that show the green land and fresh air.

More than 50% of Indonesians live in the towns. People who live far from the city, work as a farmer and get some food from the sea or forest.

5. Indonesia is a small country

The reason why many people think that Indonesia is a small country is that they only know about Bali. And after they visit Indonesia, they will know that Indonesia has so many islands.

Indonesia not only has Bali but there are so many big islands such as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua, and others.

Based on the data, Indonesia is the largest archipelago which has more than 17,000 islands. More than 250 million people live in this country.

Indonesian people also have hundreds of different languages and ethnic groups. Different areas usually have a different language. People speak Bahasa Indonesia when they work or study at school. While English will be used for work or when they meet foreign people.

The other misconception of Indonesia is that it is a small and poor country. Indonesia has good economic growth. This country has abundant natural wealth. Almost all minerals can be found in Indonesia such as coal, gold, nickel, petroleum, and so on.

6. Indonesian food is spicy

Indonesian food is not like Indian food. This country is very rich in spices and herbs. The popular foods are rendang, nasi goreng, and others.

You must know that rendang is one of the most delicious foods in the world. You can enjoy so many delicious foods and drinks there. Not all of the food has a spicy taste. You also can find sweet, salty, or other tastes that are full of herbs.

7. Indonesia is a terrorists country

People only know the information from the media and there is a lot of wrong information. Indonesia is a country that has so many cultures. People in Indonesia live in happiness and honor each other. Indonesia has solid tolerance for multiculturalism. People that have different religions and live in Indonesia, will always feel safe.

If you still do not know about Indonesia, you should find more information from credible sources. Indonesia is a very amazing country. You can enjoy the culture and the beauty of the island. I hope the information about the misconception of Indonesia will give you more knowledge.

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