The Underwater Beauty of Manjarite Island

Manjarite Island

Manjarite Island consists of beaches and islands in the East Nusa Tenggara, precisely in Labuan Bajo. This tourist attraction is near Kelor Island.

You can reach this island by boat tour from Labuan Bajo in no more than an hour. Tourists usually visit this place to enjoy the charm of the underwater.

Manjarite Island: An Island with No Resident

Like Kelor Island, this island also has no residents. Although you can visit anytime, we recommend you come in the morning or afternoon.

You can spend more time there safely and comfortably. In the evening, you cannot find homes and food stalls around the island.

Even though it is not as famous as nearby islands, this island becomes the 2nd island to visit in the series of Sailing Komodo.

Snorkel and See Angel Fish on Manjarite Island

angel fish
Angel fish (Photo by 은 하 on Unsplash)

Since the beach is calm, this is excellent for beginners to go diving or snorkeling. For your information, the depth of the water is about 3-8 meters.

So, you will be able to see various types of marine life clearly from the water surface. Or, you may go snorkeling or diving to explore and enjoy the underwater further.

There, you may see angle fish, barracuda, rabbitfish, corals, and many more.

Manjarite Island: A Perfect Beach to Relax

After satisfied enjoying the Manjarite’s underwater, you may stay for a while to relax. Even though it is quiet enough, many visitors like snorkeling, diving, and sunbathing.

Sitting or laying down and looking at the sky will give you a different experience on Manjarite Island. Moreover, its cool air makes your body & mind fresher.

If you feel hungry, the sounds of waves will accompany your lunch. Of course, it sounds so fun. But you must keep the area clean.

Manjarite Island: An Instagrammable Spot for Taking Selfies

Selfie at Manjarite Island
Selfie at Manjarite Island (source: sheexploreslife.com)

If you like taking selfies, this island has unique spots. One of them is on the pier that is almost 40-m long and made from wood.

It may look a bit weathered. However, it results the more Instagenic photos. It is also a good idea to make beaches and hills as the background of the photo.

Furthermore, you may walk around while enjoying the breeze or flying a drone to capture the all the beauty.

Anyway, you can freely do your desired activities on the island before the evening.

The Facilities and How to Get to Manjarite Island

As an empty island, it offers limited facilities. There, you can find waves, sand & a pier from wood. There’s no electricity and even a building to take shelter.

The only way to access Manjarite Island is by a Komodo boat tour from Labuan Bajo. Manjarite Island is one of the destinations you will visit as part of your Komodo tour package. Ensure you purchase the Komodo tour package from a trusted tour operator well in advance. 

Komodo Boat Tour Recommendations

Make sure you buy your Komodo tour package from a trusted and experienced tour operator like Komodo Luxury. As a top-notch tour operator with more than 9 years of experience, Komodo Luxury offers several packages tailored to your needs. Here are the Komodo Tour Package options that you can choose from:

A. Komodo Boat Tour – Private Sailing Tour

Banner Private Tour Komodo Island

For those who want more privacy while sailing with their loved ones, we offer a private sailing package. With a private boat, you can choose your destination and length of trip according to your preference.

B. Komodo Boat Tour – Open/Shared Trip

Banner Open/Share Trip Komodo Island

A share/open package is a great choice for solo travelers, couples, and small groups. You can enjoy a cost-effective sailing experience with excellent service and meet new people along the way.  

C. Komodo Boat Tour – Full-Day/One-Day Trip

Banner One Day Trip Komodo Island

The full-day/one-day trip is a good option if you have limited time but still want to explore Komodo National Park. You can spend one day exploring Komodo National Park by speedboat.

Visiting Manjarite Island with Komodo Luxury while exploring Komodo National Park sounds interesting, doesn’t it? With us, you can begin your exploration right now.

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