The Government’s and Our Participation How to Save Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island

Climate change can cause different consequences and it recently endangers the population of Komodo dragons in Indonesia. So, it’s important to know how to save Komodo dragons.

We must be proactive to preserve the remaining Komodo dragons in the world. Komodo dragons belong to endangered animals.

The remaining population of Komodo dragons is about 1,383 mature dragons and 3,458 juveniles. Considering its population, the species shift from the category of ‘vulnerable’ to ‘endangered’.

Here, humanity plays a colossal role in endangering the world’s biggest living lizard.

For your information, global warming & rising sea levels devastated the habitat of Komodo dragons in Indonesia drastically. And, it will always continue wiping them out.

Globally, rising temperatures because of rising sea levels wreaked havoc in many areas of the world.

Island countries and coastal cities face serious risks of habitat destruction and flooding due to climate change.

Now, Indonesian islands are undergoing detrimental and fast environmental transformations.

Our Responsibility to Protect Komodo Dragons

Due to climate change, it is predicted that the temperature in Indonesia will increase by about 0.8°C by 2030.

Besides that, rainfall patterns will also change when the rainy season ends earlier and becomes shorter.

Additionally, climate change and rising sea levels in Indonesia can reduce the suitable Komodo dragons’ habitat that can sustain by about 30% in the upcoming 45 years.

Then, why do Komodo dragons need our protection? You need to know that the decreased population of Komodo dragons doesn’t only relate to climate change.

However, we should also blame human activity. For example, citing agricultural expansion is another thing that causes habitat destruction.

It is an urgent need to be proactive to conserve the population of Komodo dragons. Due to climate change, these species are much closer to extinction.

Because of that, humans are responsible to care for any living organism, including Komodo dragons.

The Importance of Animal Preservation

If we abandon the plight of Komodo dragons, a danger will happen when more species are endangered because of climate shifts and rising sea levels.

In addition, each species has its purpose in the ecosystem. As we know, Komodo dragons are predators that help balance the ecosystem.

If we remove predators, species overpopulation can be a relevant issue. Even more, more changes to the ecosystem will arise.

We have to learn how to save Komodo dragons. Keep in mind that species conservation doesn’t only rescue animals.

However, it preserves the ecosystem affecting both animal populations and humans. The fact is all living creatures feel the extinction chain reaction.

How to Save Komodo Dragons and Prevent Extinction

There are a few ways how to save Komodo dragons and prevent extinction. Besides being a volunteer, the Los Angeles Zoo will ensure Komodo’s survival.

In addition, you can also donate to a local zoo. Of course, it can be a good start for preventive measures for Komodo extinction.

The National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute of the Smithsonian is another institute researching the care of endangered species including Komodo dragons.

They recommend volunteering and practicing ecotourism with the foundations of wildlife conservation.

Moreover, they also suggest avoiding purchasing products made of animals and shopping smart. Purchasing products made of animals can support poaching & illegal trade of wildlife.

Or, you can also help through komododragon.org. With its Komodo Survival Program, you can donate or get involved with charity of fundraising & grant giving for nature conservation.

The Komodo Population Endangerment

The endangerment of the Komodo population shows the global warming gravity. Then, how can we help Komodo dragons?

There are some ways to halt or hamper the climate change effects.

One of them is to switch to renewable energy, drive electric cars, insulate our homes, and use the energy-efficient appliance.

Besides that, you can also invest in manufacturing drawing down the emissions of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as support local businesses practicing eco-friendly measures.

For your information, ruinous human activity and climate changes will accelerate the decline of Komodo dragons.

However, you can save Komodo dragons from extinction with conservation efforts.

How the Government Participates to Protect Komodo

We know that Komodo is the biggest existing lizard in the world. So far, there are so many studies on this giant lizard that the story keeps spreading to the world.

Komodo only live on Komodo Island. That is so, this reptile belongs to an endangered animal.

In 1980, the Indonesian government established Komodo National Park. Of course, it’s the greatest effort to keep the existence of these giant lizards.

By understanding how to save Komodo dragons, we can help the government to protect these endangered giant lizards.

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