Everything You Need to Know About Kanawa Island

kanawa island

Kanawa Island is a small island with a beautiful panorama and natural scenery. Part of Komodo National Park, this island offers a variety of tourist attractions such as the Komodo Dragon, white sand beach, diverse land, and ocean ecosystem, sunrise and sunset, etc.

About Kanawa Island

Located 15km from the growing fishermen’s town, Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, this 35-hectare island offers a magnificent underwater and terrestrial view for all visitors. The famous marine biodiversity and the turquoise ocean water have drawn tourists to snorkel and dive around this island. Breath-taking sunrise and sunset views are also fascinating to enjoy from its hilltop. Located away from the hustle of the city, this tropical island is an ideal honeymoon destination.

Things to Know Before You Travel to Kanawa Island

Best time to explore Kanawa Island is during the dry season, from April to December. The weather is nice; low chances of rain, the sky is blue and very pleasant to enjoy the sunrise and the golden sunset view. The entrance fee to visit Kanawa Island is IDR 100,000/boat. This island is open 24 hours so that you can stay on the island overnight. A resort on the island costs IDR 250,000/night to stay in a bungalow.

Tourist Attraction on Kanawa Island

1. Observe the Komodo Dragon

Kanawa Island is located approximately 26 km from Komodo Island, which can be reached by boat in 2.5 hours. On Komodo Island, you can observe the phenomenal predators, the Komodo Dragons, living freely in their habitat. You can see them relaxing, eating – if you’re lucky, mating, and even their nests where they lay their eggs.

2. Snorkeling and Diving

The underwater life of Kanawa Island is certainly fascinating to explore. The pristine water, colorful fish, and coral have drawn visitors worldwide to witness its beauty. You can snorkel or dive there to discover marine biodiversity. Bring your snorkel and dive gear to explore the aquatic life around Kanawa Island. Charter your sailing boat to Kanawa Island with Komodo Luxury. Our charter package includes snorkeling gear, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your own.

3. Picnic on the Beach

The beach is quite spacious for you and your family and friends to have a picnic on the island. Kanawa Island’s soft white sand feels so good under your feet; the kids will love playing in the sand on the beach too. Be sure to bring their toys along so they can play while you are there.

4. Sunbathing on Kanawa Beach

Due to unstable phone reception on the island, this place is perfect for you to unwind and escape from your daily routine. You may bring your best book for you to read on this island while you are relaxing on the beach, to sunbathe, and to feel the sands on your feet. Roll out your beach towel and feel the ocean breeze as you tan!

5. Enjoy the Sunset or Sunrise

You can hike up to its hilltop as the trail is fairly easy for a beginner, too. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding area, also the magnificent sunrise and the golden sunset from the hilltop. Snap some exceptional photos to add to your holiday album collection.

6. Take Some Instagrammable Photos

Bring and prepare your cameras to take some pictures and videos of Kanawa sceneries underwater and terrestrial. Both views are phenomenal, so don’t forget to take some selfies there for a more memorable vacation with your loved ones, family, and friends.

How to Get to Kanawa Island?

There are multiple ways to go to Kanawa Island from your current location in 2024. The easiest way is by flight. Let us explain how to reach Kanawa Island:

1. Flight to Kanawa Island

The first step is to fly to the nearest airport to Kanawa Island, Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Domestic flights are available from major cities in Indonesia, such as Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya. Airfares vary depending on the airline, departure airport, and season.

2. Book Your Tour Package

Please note! Kanawa Island is quite remote and far away, so it can only be reached by boat. Kanawa Island and other islands usually reach by boat from Labuan Bajo port.

The best way to get to Kanawa Island is to join the Komodo boat tour, as Kanawa Island is one of the tourist destinations that you will visit if you join this tour. By joining this Komodo boat tour, you can also explore other parts of Komodo National Park besides Kanawa Island. You should book a Komodo tour package from a trusted tour operator, such as Komodo Luxury. With Komodo Luxury, you can customize your Komodo tour package.

A. Komodo Boat Tour – Private Sailing Trip

Banner Private Tour Komodo Island

A private sailing tour offers a more personalized sailing experience. You choose where to go and how long to stay. No matter where you go or how long you stay, the choice is entirely yours.

B. Komodo Boat Tour – Open/shared package

Banner Open/Share Trip Komodo Island

Open/shared trips are a cost-effective way to participate in your sailing trip. Along with exploring Komodo Island with other travelers, this trip offers a great opportunity to witness the beauty of the island.

C. Komodo Boat Tour – Full-day/One-day Trip

Banner One Day Trip Komodo Island

For those with limited time but interested in exploring Komodo National Park, the full-day/one-day trip is ideal. During this trip, you’ll visit Komodo Island’s top destinations by speedboat in one day.

Are You Ready to Sailing to Kanawa Island?

Kanawa Island offers soft white sands, turquoise waters, and sunrise and sunset views from the hilltop that have drawn tourists worldwide. This is an ideal honeymoon destination with a tropical atmosphere away from the hustle of the city. Enjoy a long day of relaxation by getting some sunshine, lying back, or even swimming in the sea. Furthermore, have some adventures to explore the sea life around Kanawa Island by snorkeling and diving.

On a Komodo Boat Tour with Komodo Luxury, you can experience sailing and explore the beauty of Kanawa Island. Pick-up and drop-off to and from the Labuan Bajo harbor service are also provided in the package, so you don’t have to prepare transportation before and after the trip.

Moreover, snorkel gear is already included at no additional charge so you can snorkel around this island. The package also includes full board meals, non-alcoholic drinks, professional crews, and an experienced tour guide to accompany you during your journey.

Contact us through WhatsApp to ask about its availability, and we will assist you in arranging the trip based on your request. We will be delighted to answer all of your inquiries. Visit our website to see more details about MALCA VOYAGES and our Instagram for our customers’ trip experience with us. See you on Kanawa Island soon!

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