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Set sail on a 9 days and 8 nights Raja Ampat tour aboard our Phinisi boat charter. Sail through crystal-clear waters, explore beautiful landscapes, and dive into rich marine life at Dampier Strait, Cape Kri, and Blue Magic. Visit Piaynemo, Batanta, Misool, and Daram for unforgettable adventures. With expert guides and a dedicated crew, this journey offers both peace and excitement in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

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Day 1: Begin from Sorong to Waisai

Begin your journey with a convenient pickup from your hotel or the airport. We’ll make our way straight to Sorong Port, where your Phinisi boat awaits. Enjoy a welcome drink, and settle into your cabin.

After settling into your room and unpacking, join us for a briefing and some lunch. Relax and enjoy the scenic voyage to our clearance point, leading up to our first dive near Saonek Kecil Island. The waters here are calm, perfect for starting your diving adventure. Post-dive, unwind and gear up for a full day of diving excitement tomorrow.

Sailing Trip Komodo Island
Magic Mountain Raja Ampat

Day 2: Explore Central Dampier Strait

Experience up to four dives a day in the Central Dampier Strait, depending on our itinerary which sometimes includes land tours or lengthy crossings in expansive Raja Ampat. One of the top dive sites in this area is Blue Magic Dive Site, home to majestic Oceanic Manta Rays. Next up is one of the Dampier Straitʼs highlights, we will head to the nearby island of Mioskon Dive Site, to dive into its spectacularly colorful reef with an assortment of large bommies encrusted with hard and soft corals. 

Next up, Cape Kri Dive Site, arguably the top house reef in the world, was made famous by Raja Ampat pioneer Max Ammer. The other dive site we will be visiting tonight is a dive on Kri Islandʼs south coast, in Yenbuba Villageʼs Jetty Dive Site. An amazing array of fish has populated this area both under the jetty pylons as well as amongst the hard coral garden that protrudes down the slope past it. This will be our anchor point for the night as you soak in the stunning sunset views with the islands of Waigeo and Gam in the distant, fiery horizon.

Day 3: Piaynemo

Melissa’s Garden Dive Site tops the charts in this region, boasting a rich variety of corals and fish in a breathtakingly compact marine space.  It derives its name from the extraordinary hard coral garden between three islets.

Another gem we frequently visit is the Keruo Channel Dive Site, perfect for a gentle drift dive along its subtle wall and slope by Keru Island. Batu Rufus Dive Site is also popular, known for its dramatic 40-meter drop-off and mesmerizing vertical views. The Pianemo lagoon/lookout, with its iconic limestone pinnacles, is a must-visit, especially in the late afternoon when the light is golden and the view from the top is worth every step.

Mike's Point Raja Ampat

Day 4: Batanta

On the fourth day, we’ll explore Dayang, a hidden gem at the western tip of Batanta Island in Raja Ampat. The Dayang Dive Site is renowned for its shallow, sandy reefs where Manta Rays are frequently spotted feeding and visiting their natural “cleaning stations. As the day winds down, we set sail for the southern isles of Raja Ampat, preparing you for an overnight journey to the enchanting Misool area.

Day 5: Wayil - Misool

Misool isn’t just a large island; it’s a hub surrounded by numerous smaller islands, each forming its own unique region. If the sight of limestone pinnacles doesn’t already take your breath away, imagine night diving among these immense structures! Today, we’ll explore the Wayil area, where isolation feels complete and the underwater world is just extraordinary. 

Not far from each other, Wayil’s dive sites include the iconic Four Kings, a group of massive pinnacles so large that a single dive barely covers them. Here, you’re likely to see giant Oceanic Manta Rays, Giant Trevally, and Napoleon Wrasse. We’ll also dive Barracuda Rock, known for its underwater caverns and schools of barracuda, and Neptune’s Sea Fan Dive Site, famous for its dense Gorgonian sea fans.
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Raja Ampat Cross Wreck

Day 6: Fiabacet / Boo - Misool

One of our dives today is at the iconic Boo Window Dive Site. With its unique topography and window-like swim-throughs, it offers great opportunities for wide-angle photography. Secret: the sea fans here often conceal Pygmy Seahorses!

Another favorite is the Anchovy Dive Site, an exciting spot where you can see schools of Mobula Rays darting among anchovies, creating windows through the reef to watch Mantas feeding. Nudi Rock Dive Site is also on today’s itinerary, featuring a surface rock resembling a Nudibranch and stunning coral colors with abundant marine life in the currents below.

Day 7: Warakaraket - Misool

Diving in this part of Misool showcases pristine coral reefs and Giant Manta Rays near the Eco Resort. Whale Rock and Tank Rock Dive Sites are teeming with beautiful soft corals and schools of fish. The conditions and logistics with Misool Eco Resort will determine which sites we dive. Weather permitting, we will explore Shadow Reef (also known as Karang Bayangan/Magic Mountain), the blockbuster dive site in the unprotected southern waters of Misool, where you can often see enormous Manta Rays gliding by.

Biodiversity house reef Raja Ampat

Day 8: Daram

On the second-to-last day of your trip, we’ll dive at Andiamo Dive Site, a spectacular location in southern Raja Ampat. Here, you can spot Pygmy Seahorses, hunting Giant Trevallies, and plenty of Barracudas. Your final dive will be at Warna Berwarna Dive Site, featuring sea fans, schooling Fusiliers, and Bumphead Parrot Fish. The journey back to Sorong will take around 18 hours, depending on conditions. Our crew will ensure your comfort with a night of food, music, and dancing as we sail back.

Day 9: Disembark in Sorong

We will anchor in Sorong at around 5:00 A.M., allowing you to catch your flight or check into your hotel. You are welcome to stay onboard until 11:00 A.M., and our staff will assist with transportation. After breakfast, you can exchange photos and contact details with new friends and dive buddies.

Wayag Island, Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat 9D8N Itinerary - KomodoLuxury

Please remember:
This tour packages itinerary is only an example.

Every trip is unique, and the specific daily plans will be customized to meet your preferences as well as to adapt to the weather and sea conditions. Our tour specialist will assist you in planning the day-to-day details onboard.

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