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Set sail on a journey to the beautiful Raja Ampat islands and uncover its vibrant underwater paradise. Your 7 days and 6 nights Raja Ampat tour packages includes diving at world-renowned sites like the Dampier Strait, Cape Kri, Blue Magic, Sardines Reef, and Mike’s Point. You’ll also explore the beauty of  Wayag Island, Arborek, and Batanta. With over 1,500 smaller islands emerging from azure seas and featuring powdery white beaches, Raja Ampat is a breathtaking natural wonder above and below the water.

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Day 1: Begin from Sorong to Dampier Strait

Upon arriving at Sorong airport, you’ll be welcomed by our dedicated crew and taken to the port to board the boat cruise. Once onboard, you’ll be greeted by the remaining crew and have time to enjoy a welcome cocktail. After settling in, the ship will depart Sorong for the Dampier Strait.

After a delicious lunch on board, we will arrive at the lush anchorage later in the afternoon. Surrounded by dense mangrove forests, this bay is a haven for birds and marine life. You can kayak along the mangroves or snorkel over the vibrant reef, getting your first taste of Raja Ampat’s waters.  Later, enjoy a delightful dinner and, if lucky, witness hundreds of fruit bats taking flight in search of food.

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Sauwandarek Raja Ampat

Day 2: Explore the Kri Peninsula

Awaken to the sounds of nature on your first full day in Raja Ampat. After breakfast, spend more time exploring Mioskin Bay, either snorkeling over the reef or paddling through the mangroves. The Kri Peninsula offers an underwater paradise with vibrant colors and abundant marine life, featuring some of Raja Ampat’s best underwater landscapes.

Dive or snorkel at Sardine Reef, Mike’s Point, and Cape Kri, where coral gardens teem with reef fish, sharks, turtles, and manta rays. Later, visit the town of Yenbekwan to experience traditional island life

Day 3 & 4: Wayag Islands

For the next two days, we’ll explore the beautiful Wayag Islands, known for their small green islands, white sands, and turquoise waters. This area is perfect for water enthusiasts to enjoy. Kayak through hidden coves or tender to secluded beaches with crystal-clear waters.

Hike to the island peak for breathtaking views of rock formations and surrounding waters. The trek ends at a white sandy beach, where you can relax and enjoy a stunning sunset while the crew prepares a delicious meal on the deserted shore.

Wayag Raja Ampat
Mioskon Point Raja Ampat

Day 5: Excursion in Gam Island

Before dawn, we set out to see the mystical Red Bird of Paradise. With our crew, you’ll visit Gam Island, where villagers will guide you through the jungle to a bird-watching platform.

After seeking the exotic bird, we’ll return to the boat for breakfast surrounded by Kabui Bay’s mushroom-shaped islands. The bay leads to a narrow channel with strong currents, offering views of sea fans, sponges, and corals. We’ll then explore the quiet waterways of Gam, tendering through mangrove forests. If lucky, we might swim with stingless jellyfish near the surface.

Day 6: Arborek & Batanta

The Dampier Strait, named after explorer William Dampier, features tidal surges that create strong currents carrying plankton. These currents attract hundreds of Mantas to Arborek Island. We’ll dive or snorkel the shallow sandy bottom to observe these graceful mantas.

After lunch, we’ll visit Arborek village, home to sustainable fishing and friendly locals. We’ll explore the village, meet the residents, and buy handmade crafts. We’ll then return to the boat for our last night in Raja Ampat, watching a beautiful sunset over the islands.
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Day 7: Batanta to Sorong

This morning, the boat arrives back in Sorong. After a hearty breakfast, our dedicated crew will guide you to the local airport for your flight home.

Please remember:
This tour packages itinerary is only an example.

Every trip is unique, and the specific daily plans will be customized to meet your preferences as well as to adapt to the weather and sea conditions. Our tour specialist will assist you in planning the day-to-day details onboard.

Raja Ampat 7D6N Itinerary - KomodoLuxury

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