4 Days and 3 Nights
Komodo Island Tour

Set sail on a private Phinisi Boat Charter through the magical Komodo National Park, perfect for families and groups of friends. Experience a thrilling 4 day 3 night Komodo Island tour, visiting legendary Komodo dragons on Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Dive with mantas at Manta Point and watch breathtaking sunsets on board. Your itinerary includes stops at Kalong Island, Siaba Island, and other beautiful locations, offering a full package of excitement and natural beauty.

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Day 1: Begin Your Komodo Tour

When you arrive at Komodo airport, you will be picked up and transported to Labuan Bajo port for your departure. Take a snorkeling trip around the beautiful Sebayur Island, followed by a walk to spot Komodo dragons on Rinca Island in the afternoon. Spend the evening watching the sunset on Kalong Island and watching flying foxes.

Neptune Cruise Phinisi Exterior - KomodoLuxury
Taka Makassar

Day 2: Visit Taka Makassar

Set sail to Taka Makassar a prime spot for snorkeling. Especially at Manta Point, known for frequent manta ray sightings. Enjoy a delightful lunch among sandbanks and turquoise waters, then visit the beautiful Pink Beach for relaxation or water activities.

Day 3: Enjoy Central Komodo

The journey continues to Central Komodo. Spend a leisurely afternoon in Siaba Besar Bay, interacting with sea turtles or snorkeling at Mawan Island. Later, sail to Gili Lawa Darat for a sunset hike, offering easy and medium trails, followed by a peaceful overnight mooring in the bay.

Siaba Island from above
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Day 4: End of the Journey

Enjoy one last breakfast with the crew before disembarking the boat in Labuan Bajo, organized around your flight schedule or onward plans.

Please remember:
This tour packages itinerary is only an example.

Every trip is unique, and the specific daily plans will be customized to meet your preferences as well as to adapt to the weather and sea conditions. Our tour specialist will assist you in planning the day-to-day details onboard.

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Sailing To Komodo National Park

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Sailing To The Ancient land of Komodo and Raja Ampat