Snorkeling and Diving in Komodo Islands:
the Beauty of Underwater

Snorkeling in Komodo is one of the most incredible activities you can do in the Komodo National Park. It is very fun to venture out into this place. Whether you visit Komodo Islands with family or friends, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Amazing Creatures to Meet While Snorkeling
in Komodo Islands

In the National Park of Komodo, fish life is very spectacular; you can see it on the reefs. You can see so many parrotfish you may have never seen before.

Moreover, other types of Komodo snorkeling reef fish are in abundance such as gobies, damselfish, angelfish, and different types of anemonefishes. You can see them during the activity.

Furthermore, red-breasted wrasses are a treat to enjoy. It is also common to find giant fish like Titan Triggerfish there. Many species of lionfish belong to these waters’ natives. So, it is not a scourge.

There are still many other beauties such as small nudibranchs, giant clams, amazing-colored tunicates, and unique little crabs.

If lucky, you can also meet big moray eels and mantis shrimps that are multi colors. Large trevally as well as pufferfish also live in these waters where they are 2x or 3x bigger than similar fish.

On the reefs, there are fusiliers with bright colors. They are my most favorite fish so you have to see them while snorkeling there.

Usually, a crocodile fish also appears and it is around 2.5 feet long. And, you can see abundant Feather Starts in different beautiful colors.

Coral life is one of the best attractions in Komodo snorkeling. Generally, reefs look different from one spot to another.

Best Spots of Komodo Snorkeling

1. Pengah Reef

Maybe, it belongs to the best site in the National Park of Komodo, especially for snorkeling.

Here, you have to jump & swim fast to the rocks and avoid the boat & waves. If you get closer to the reefs, the waves are calmer.

When you look down, you can see wonderful underwater caves with stunning corals and full of fish.

Sea corals and sea biome n Pengah Reef (source: tripadvisor)
A group of small fish in pattern near Batu Bolong spot
A group of small fish in pattern near Batu Bolong spot

2. Batu Bolong

Without a doubt, it belongs to the most favorite sites for diving and snorkeling in Komodo. It looks small on the surface but you will see how large it is underneath.

Even though it has many good reviews, you still need to understand its danger. This place is well known for unpredictable conditions.

Usually, only experienced divers go diving or snorkeling here. However, you can still explore and enjoy the beauty underwater at Batu Bolong with an experienced guide.

If not the best, Batu Bolong is one of the best spots for Komodo snorkeling. So, you cannot miss this spot when visiting the National Park of Komodo.

3. Siaba Besar

The next spot is Siaba Besar, located in a large bay. Here, the nuance is in contrast to the previous site because the sea is very calm.

This spot is very safe to go snorkeling with family, friends, or even alone.

That’s why it is recommended so much for those who are less experienced.

The reefs are shallow enough. And, the large areas are also safe from strong currents.

It is lucky to see many critters on the sand, turtles over the reefs, and trevally in the deep of the sea.

Sea Biome in Tatawa Kecil (source: wisata.manggaraibaratkab.go.id)

4. Tatawa Kecil

Tatawa Kecil also belongs to the most recommended snorkeling spots in Komodo. However, it has strong currents so you have to be careful to dive there.

Under the water, you can see a garden of soft and hard corals that cover the reefs. You will also meet sweeping tables full of life.

5. Mawan Island

This is another best place you can consider going snorkeling in Komodo.

This spot is popular for its schooling fish, black-and-white reef sharks, hawksbill turtles, and mantas.

The variety of fish life and coral over the reefs is great. You should take time to look at it closer.

Here, you can also find beautiful small little nudibranchs. However, you can also see an oceanic Manta, with a 3.5-meter wingspan.

Even more, there are dolphins in these waters. Overall, you will get memorable experiences while Komodo snorkeling.

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