Find the Reason Why Komodo Island Beach Is Pink

Pink Beach

One of the must visit beach in Indonesia is Pink Beach. There are several places to see Pink Beach in Indonesia, but the famous one is in Komodo Island.

Pink Beach in Komodo Island is located on the southwest coast of Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara.

Rosegold color mix with the turqouise water makes Pink Beach is a check list to do when you travel to Indonesia.

And when you visit Pink Beach, the first question comes up in your mind will be, “why is it pink?”.

But Why Is It Pink?

Straightforward, Foraminifera on coral reefs produce red pigment, which causes pink-colored sand. Adding calcium carbonate shells to white sand makes Pink Beach pink! This kind of beach is very rare around the world.

In details,

as with any beach, Pink Beach is filled with millions upon millions of tiny sand particles. It is composed of broken rocks and/or coral that is washed up on shore.

If you are familiar with parrotfish eating corals, and then pooping it out, you have seen the process of sand creation in action!

But what exactly makes the sand here red?

There are a couple of different things that make it so. A red coloured microscopic animal called Foraminifera is present in the surrounding water, these tiny animals boast a shell made of calcium carbonate, and when they wash up on shore, they make up a portion of sand.

Many of these Foraminifera can be red or pink in colour.

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